Friday, July 29, 2011

Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood

The key when on vacation is to make simple meals that everyone will love.  This is not the time for elaborate casseroles and long cooking times.  In fact, when you lose track of all time and forget about dinner until nearly 9pm, what you really need is a quick and easy fix.

Tuesday night was just that.  Tofurky "brats" with caramelized onions and spinach salad.  Mmm-mmm, good.
Breakfast was a trusty bowl of oatmeal with delicious toppings that included a bit of muffin, craisins and banana.
And dinner Wednesday was another light spinach salad accompanied by homemade bruschetta.  We picked up fresh tomatoes, peppers, basil and sourdough baguette at the farmer's market and whipped together this easy meal with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic. 

When we flock to the mountains to escape the summer heat we try diligently to cook as much at the cabin as possible, but inevitably we must eat out at one of our favorite restaurants.  For this week's trip we stopped by Our Daily Bread for lunch.
I had the veggie on whole wheat with a side of Gazpacho.  (I picked the cheese off the sandwich).  There was a time not long ago that I really enjoyed Gazpacho.  Now, however, I think it tastes just like salsa and at the least needs chips to accompany it.  I didn't enjoy this cup of soup very much at all.

Forbes and I split our sandwiches.  He ordered the Vegan Reuben and it was as delightful as my veggie.
And I recommend the pasta salad over the Gazpacho any day!

Of course, we were not alone in this culinary adventure in Boone.  Forbes' sister is here visiting for the week.  If I remember correctly she ordered the chicken salad and loved every bite!
Next time we visit we gotta give this place a shot:
I read on the sign they have veggie options too, along with all these other adventurous dishes:
Hmmm, donut burgers...I wonder if they can make that vegan!  Mama-Pea perhaps that can be your next Wanabe Recipea!

Boone is a great little town to visit and we enjoyed walking around and viewing the sites.
But what we enjoyed most of all was our time enjoying this site:
An afternoon with a view! Not to mention cool temperatures to maximize our enjoyment.  We sat on the deck and relaxed...each with our subsequent reading material and snacks of choice.
Karina enjoyed a fresh and juicy peach from South Carolina.
Mr. Kummerow had a beer and deep fried peanuts (best thing ever!)

And I had my iced coffee and my peas.
I read the Peas and Thank You cookbook cover to cover in one day.  It is full of hilarity, wit and ingenuity!  I love how Sarah Matheny tells her life story through food and recipes.  When we are not so busy running from food and turning it into the villain in our lives, it can really take a central role and help us to relive all the memories with friends, family and loved ones.  I am so excited to get back into my kitchen and relive each of these recipes in my own life!
Amongst all the delicious food and quality reading was also fellowship with Karina and enjoyment of one another's company.  We sat and talked so long into the evening each night, dinner was forgotten until the sun had gone down way after 8 or 9pm.  Spending time with family has been so important to me this summer which is why I am also so excited to announce my brother and one of my sister's are coming to visit in just another week or so! 
Our relationship's with our siblings is one of the most important things to Forbes and me.  We are so blessed to share in this time with one another!

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