Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A New Toy and A Big Spill

Look what homegirl has! A "new-to-me" blender!

(I tried a thousand times over in my head not to want to write "homegirl" but I just couldn't help it!)

My friend was upgrading hers and read on the blog that I was tired of kale chunks in my Green Monsters and offered me her other blender.  While the food processor is great for many things...green monsters are not high on the list!

Now I have chunk-free smoothies!
To be honest, this smoothie actually has no kale in it, but I'm sure my new blender will do wonders with a kale smoothie.  What is in this dreamy drink if not kale?  Well let me explain...

Kiwi-Cucumber Smoothie
1 medium cucumber, peeled
1 kiwi, peeled
1 banana, peeled (duh!)

Combine all ingredients in food processor blender.  Add 4 ice cubes (the food processor can't do that!) and blend away. 

Trust me on this one! It is refreshing!

The Kiwi-Cucumber Smoothie isn't the only powerful green food I made yesterday.
I read somewhere about grilling romaine lettuce and hurried my booty right over to the store to grab a head and try it! It was so delicious I'm thinking of making it again for dinner tonight!

Grilled Romaine and Potato Salad with Creamy Dressing
serves 4

For the salad
1 head romaine lettuce
~10 new potatoes
1/2 yellow onion, sliced into half-moons
1 can mixed beans (or beans of choice), rinsed and drained
2 tbsp olive oil, divided
1 tbsp Italian Seasoning

For the Dressing
1/2 block firm tofu
3 cloves garlic minced
2 tbsp tahini
1/4 Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp Italian Seasonings
2 tsp hot sauce (optional)
milk or water to thin to desired consistency

Wash potatoes and dice into 1/2" chunks.  Slice onion.  Mix potatoes and onion with 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp Italian seasonings.  You can wrap it all in foil and grill for approximately 25-30 minutes, or place in roasting pan in oven for 30 minutes at 400*.

Meanwhile rinse romaine and slice into quarters from the stem, keeping the stem intack.

Lightly brush 1 tbsp or less olive oil on edges of romaine.  When potatoes have 10 more minutes remaining, add romaine to grill and cook each side until slightly wilted and heated through, approximately 10 minutes.

Plate your meal by adding 1 slice of romaine to each of 4 plates. Divide potatoes and beans and serve warm with Creamy Dressing.

To assemble dressing:
In your "new-to-me" blender combine all ingredients and blend away.  Add a little water or non-dairy milk until dressing reaches desired consistency.  Salt and pepper to taste.
This meal made us extremely happy!  It was fresh and fun and something we have never tried before!
With the Brawley School Road expansion project, we are getting sidewalks!  Sidewalks are our friend because it allows us to use our legs to get from point A to point B.  Before, Brawley School Road would be a death trap for pedestrians.  Now it has so much potential.  Utilizing the new sidewalks, Forbes and I had our best work out ever!

We awoke early to squeeze in our work out before a very busy day started.  We decided to run the 3 miles to the gym, lift and run 3 miles back.  It was quite an undertaking and I wasn't sure how pleased I would be when I walked out of the gym knowing I had a 3 mile hike back to the house versus a quick drive, but it was my suggestion and I was ready to give it a shot. 

To be honest, after running 3 miles and putting my arms through their hardest work out ever with weights, I was not anxious to start running again.  In fact, the prospect was downright appalling.  We got our legs going and found a jog rhythm.  It was awkward at first, but I soon found my stride.  We made a deal that we would stop to walk up "cardiac hill" but when we approached it, we were ready for the challenge.  Forbes called out "We can do it, let's try it" and we pushed forward.  I made small goals...just to the lamp post, just to the wall.  And then I heard Forbes say "All the way to the top!" so I continued to push up the hill. 

Just when I thought I would make it, I turned to find Forbes tumbling to the ground in a "I know karate-and I'm going to roll right through this fall" sort of way.  I watched in slow motion as he picked himself back up from the ground and continued to run.  For a split second I thought we could act like it was no big deal and just continue running...and then as if my face couldn't hold it any longer a loud noise exploded from my nose and mouth.  It sounded quite like a snort, actually.  I tried to continue running but my stomach was heaving with a laughter begging to erupt.  I called it quits, gave Forbes a look, apologized, and proceeded to laugh as we walked to the stoplight. 

We enjoyed the laughter, picked our pace back up and made it all the way home with a dead sprint for the last hundred yards or so.  I felt strong, capable, energetic and excited.  I proceeded to shower and then plow my way through breakfast. (More Cocoa Puffmaranth!)
I always have so much fun working out with Forbes...even if he isn't always taking big spills to lighten the mood during an otherwise grueling run! 

Well, right now we are welcoming my sister-in-law into town (finally) and getting ready to head to the mountains.  There may be another blogging hiatus while we are relaxing and enjoying the company.  In the meantime, enjoy the new Recipes page and take a look at my Meet Tanya page if you haven't already!

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