Monday, July 1, 2013

Swimming and Charlotte Nature Museum

Summer outings are the most wonderful.  This weekend we took Eleanor swimming and to the Charlotte Nature Museum.  Before we get to the museum...
My baby loves the water!  Although she developed this pursed lip face, I can only assume from the taste of the water.  We called it her turtle face.  "Turtle, turtle!"
Ready baby...1...2...3...and dunk!
All better now.
Back to the turtle face!
Saturday, while Alex was in class, I rode down to Charlotte with our besties Brittney and Harper to visit the Charlotte Nature Museum.
She's a little young yet for all the fun, but I tried to point out all the animals and tell her what they are anyhow.
One of these little darlings landed on Eleanor's head but I missed the photo op.

We did find a little play area and set the girls loose on the blocks and puzzles for a little fun.
You can see poor Eleanor's red-rimmed eyes above.  She was a tired baby but wouldn't give up the fight with all the bright colors and people around.
Harp was also fading fast so before too long we were on our way back to Mooresville and the babies were passed out in the backseat. 

Fun times!

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