Thursday, July 25, 2013

Virginia Part 2

Continuing on...

On Sunday evening we drove down to Richmond to visit my uncle and his family.  He took the day off on Monday to take us for a scenic boat tour of the James River and some fun tubing on Lake Chesnin.
We were out of the house from 10am until 7pm and Eleanor was a trooper.  She napped in the car, on the boat and in our arms.  We kept her slathered in sunscreen and she did amazingly.
This life jacket was a little more comfortable than the last one, but she was still unsure at first.
Look at that face!

Soon enough she grew her sea legs and maneuvered around the boat.
We cruised the river all the way to downtown.  I love being on the river.
We stopped for a picnic lunch and a dip in the water.
Delicious roasted veggies, crackers and tofu salad, chips and nuts.
Before too long we were cruising down the river again.
Uncle Joey pulled the boat out of the water and we drove to the lake for more boating fun.  Eleanor snoozed along the way.
The water at Lake Chesnin is much cleaner and better for playing.
As you can see, I forgot to put my sunscreen on.  Luckily Eleanor was well covered.
Alex and I jumped on the tube for a bit, before my cousin and her friend took their turn.
Such an exciting, yet relaxing day.  We had such a wonderful time on Monday! I was exhausted.

One more day of adventures coming soon...

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