Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Days

Yesterday was one of those perfect days.  The ones you just can't get enough of.  A wonderful balance of fulfilling work and meaningful play. 
I love these two!

Yesterday morning we woke up at our Eleanor's usual 6am.  Seriously baby, SLEEP!

After breakfast, I hunkered down to some work before we headed off to story time at the library.  Arriving home, I had a conference call and a webinar before lunch and more play time.  I was a presenter on this webinar and I was so nervous.  But everything went smoothly, and I feel like I did a stand-up job which makes me feel proud. 

So after all that hard work it was time for fun.  Alex and I took Eleanor to the Y to swim.  We took turns swimming laps while the other played with the baby.  By 3pm I felt accomplished...having a big work project under my belt, getting my work out done, and having fun with my family.  But the day wasn't over yet.

Alex and I had fun plans to visit Daveste Winery in nearby Troutman.  This is one of our favorite places.  If you recall, we hosted Alex's 30th birthday here, and we frequent it quite often.  We are very fond of all the staff and love the wines.  Last night was a special celebration for Stevie, the Tasting Room Manager.
She has worked at Daveste since they opened and it was her last night with them.  They threw a huge party in conjunction with their Thirsty Thursday event.  There was delicious food, and cake and of course wine.
The owners, whom we love, gave Stevie a nice send off and welcomed their new Tasting Room Manager.  We will miss Stevie when we visit the winery!
Outside we ran into some of our friends.  Emily actually sent me a text the day before inviting me to join them.  I replied saying we were already planning to go so we would see them there.  So much fun to hang out with friends, sip wine and listen to live music.
Our evening ended around 8pm since Eleanor was ready for bed.  (Golly, I can't get enough of that smile!)
When we got home, Alex set off to put Eleanor to sleep and meanwhile our friends Shannon and David popped in on us.  They just returned from running and wanted to chat about babysitting (Shannon is our babysitter).  Just so happens they were rushing home to eat dinner and we had dinner ready on the stove waiting for us to get home.  Of course we invited them to stay and made a little celebration of the evening.  Shannon is taking a new job (hooray) but won't be able to watch Eleanor anymore (boo!)  I was so excited for her I didn't even think about what to do about childcare.  Of course this morning it is weighing heavily on my mind.  

Oh, such a brilliant and perfect day.  Simple and sweet.  I love summer!

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