Monday, July 8, 2013


How many posts can I write about this child loving the water?  Are all babies this fishy-fishy?

We had an amazing weekend.  As it approached I realized we had very little plans and I was tempted to schedule out each and every minute.  An open calendar does not sit well with me.  I NEED plans!  But I resisted temptation and went into Saturday knowing all I needed to do was ride my bike 30 miles.  Just 30.  No big deal.  (Yeah, right!)

So I woke up Saturday, took my time eating breakfast and getting dressed.  Around 8:30am I set out on bike to meet Bekah at her house.  Six and a half miles later I arrived at Bekah's so she could finish off another 24 miles with me.  We set out at a comfortable pace, talking the whole way and before you knew it, those 30 miles flew by.  Really it took about two and a half hours, but it was enjoyable and done.

At the last minute I made lunch plans with a friend from Missouri, who also lived in Wisconsin with me for a bit and who was in Charlotte for the week visiting.  Alex, Eleanor and I bolted down to Northlake after I took a quick shower and cleaned up.  Susie knew me before I knew Alex.  She knew Alex and me before we even dated.  So to catch up with her, seven years later and married with a baby was quite surreal. 

Back at home it was nap-time before pool-time.  Bekah and her family invited us over for an afternoon swim and cookout. 
We had so much fun and the sun even shone.  It rained on and off while we swam but it didn't soak our fun. 
Prepare yourselves for a gallery of cute swimming baby photos:
We taught Eleanor to sit on the ledge and after we count 1...2...3 she pushes forward into our arms.  So cute!
Bekah and Mike are relatively new friends of ours.  We met at church over a year ago.  When I was still pregnant, and she was newly pregnant with their second daughter.  I was a grump back then and she even confided in me this week that she thought I didn't like her at first.  That makes me so sad.  I was really a different, unwelcoming person when I was pregnant.  Stupid hormones. 

Since both the girls were born we have become very close.  We attend a playgroup together on Tuesdays, and regularly get together for dinner with the families.  Mike and Alex have a ton in common too, both loving to play the guitar and talking about faith and family.  I am so incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends in my life.  And not just because their family has this stellar pool!
Time flew by on Saturday.  Before we knew it, it was 6pm and we were firing the grill for dinner. 
Soon, our evening was winding down and we got the babies out of the pool and dried off.  Lexi is a silly monkey and Eleanor has so much fun playing with her friends!
Maddy was there too, chilling poolside.
Such a fun night!

Sunday morning was slow and relaxing, just the way Sundays should be.
We had breakfast and played before heading out to church--on time, might I add, for the first time in a month!
We spent the afternoon playing and reading at home.  A walk in the evening, dinner, more reading and bed.  I finished off a book yesterday, Violets of March.  Eh, I didn't love the writing or the story.  It captured my attention well enough to keep me reading until midnight, but I just don't understand how a mother could leave her daughter.  Not in a million years.  That alone ruined the book for me. 

We had such a wonderful, unplanned weekend!  And we are back to Monday again, and I am back to my gig at Josh's.  Come out and see me, 10-2 today!

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