Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Making Good Decisions

I am struggling lately with making decisions.  I have recently been hyper-aware of all my opportunities to make a decision, and how many times I regret said decision or think that it was the wrong one or a bad one.  When it comes to choices, I am quite indecisive.  So when I finally come to one, I usually question if it was good, and many times feel that it was bad. 

This happens in all decision making situations in my life.  From buying decisions to travel decisions, to attitude decisions, and decisions to work out or not, and food decisions and on and on and on.  Lately I have been very frustrated with all things related to money decisions.  I'll spend $20 here and wish I would have spent that $20 there.  I have also been struggling with eating decisions.  To spend money on a dinner out, to eat certain types of food, etc. 

So I am curious, are you indecisive?  Do you struggle choosing between options?  How do decide which is the right choice or wrong choice for you?  What goes into play when you make a decision?  Do you feel that you make bad choices?  How do you rectify it? 

Just pondering today.  Feeling a bit low about recent decisions (obviously) and wanting to improve.  I want to be confident when I make a decision and stick with it, and not always question if it was a good decision or bad.  Any advice?

How many times can I type decision into one post?

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