Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Fun.

I promise that our lives are not just all fun and games.  In between the adventures and play there are snipits of normalcy.  Boring days and lots of work.  It exists.  But on the blog it is more fun to recap the fun.  So skipping right over Wednesday through Friday...we had an amazing weekend.  It included lots of friends and lots of cake!  You can't beat that!

Saturday was busy.  I started off with a bike ride.  (Finally back on the bike after a 3 week hiatus.)  Next Eleanor and I ventured down to Charlotte for Kelly's baby shower.  It was a beautiful nautical themed event and I loved every bit of it.  Including the cake. 

Saturday evening we attended the birthday party of two very special boys.  Ethan and Jonah turned two and our whole church family was there to celebrate.  And there was cake. 

Sunday we were up for church and after had a quick lunch before heading to Jordan's second birthday party.  It was a beautiful Minnie Mouse inspired party.  My cousin Lindsey got crafty and made all of the decor including a mouse ears lollipop tower.  So cute!

On to the main event of the weekend (as if all those parties weren't enough).  We drove down to Winston-Salem for Emily Vinez's wedding.  We missed the ceremony because of horrendous traffic (told you there were normal parts of our life that don't typically hit the blog...this one we won't get into because of my bad attitude).  We were just on time for the reception and enjoyed wonderful company with our church family, delicious food, and Whitney's amazing cupcakes. 

Here's a new trick we learned.  How to Eat A Cupcake:

Duh!  How have I never thought of this before.  Take the bottom of the cupcake, smush on the top and voila!  A cupcake sandwich!  Amazing!

We made it home by 11pm last night and crashed.  What an exciting weekend.  And now about all that cake.  Time to hit the gym!

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