Friday, July 5, 2013

Scenes from the Fourth

Good morning friends!  Despite the thunderstorms, we managed to enjoy our Fourth of July tremendously.  The Fourth feels like a "family" holiday to me, and it makes me incredibly sad to not be with our families in the Midwest on days like these.  However, with friends as close as family, we manage to have incredible times in North Carolina, despite being so far away from family.
We had a small gathering at the house yesterday for a holiday cook-out.  The men grilled in the rain under a large tent, while the women played with babies inside. 
Precious, precious babies!
Holidays are so much fun for photographing.  Everyone is naturally color-coordinated.
We had a fun evening.  Great food.  Friends.
And even live entertainment.
It's always a good night when the instruments come out of hiding. 

Eleanor had a blast.  She didn't want the party to end.
Thanks friends for spending the Fourth of July with us!

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