Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Virginia Weekend Part 1

We are home at last.  What a fun little whirlwind weekend!  My favorite part of blogging is the opportunity to relive all our memories before tucking them away in the past.  If you don't mind, let's jump right in to the very fun weekend we had.
We headed north to Winchester, Virginia to visit our friends Andy and Amber and their sweet baby girl Rose.  Alex and Andy met in college and we have enjoyed traveling to visit their sweet family whenever we get a chance.  They previously lived in Atlanta and now Virginia, so relatively close driving distances.
Rose is three months old and precious as can be.  We spent the majority of our time relaxing around the house.  Coordinating two babies' nap schedules for many outings is not very easy. 
Oh, make that three nap schedules.

When we arrived on Friday night it was late and strangely cool outside.  The breeze was blowing and once we put Eleanor down to sleep we sipped wine by a fire outside.  It was the perfect summer evening.

On Saturday we lounged.  Alex woke up early to go for a run, but otherwise it was a slow-moving morning.  We had ate breakfast leisurely and played with babies.  Somewhere around lunch time we had two happy babes and decided to venture out of the house.
We walked the downtown mall in excessive heat, stopping for fresh squeezed lemonade and creamy ice cream.
We popped in and out of store fronts to cool off in the AC before continuing our walk.
Is there anything better than sweet husbands pushing strollers? 
Ok, maybe just one thing...sweet babies buckled inside.
Andy and Amber are one of our favorite couples to spend time with.  They like so many of the same things we, entertaining, playing games, wine...and did I mention food?  They are probably equals to us in their passion and love of cooking and eating.  Amber and Andy did great to make sure we were well fed all weekend!
Saturday evening we sat at their beautiful home and relaxed even more.  I couldn't help but take a hundred photos of the sweet babies.
Only a few months separate the two and one day you will never be able to look and tell the difference amongst the two. 
True to their style, the hospitality came out and I enjoyed refreshing drinks homemade by Amber.
I loved this Mojito!  New favorite drink of choice.
The men manned the grill and before too long we had this feast:
Not pictured is the amazing homemade salsa Amber also made.  I couldn't get enough.  This veggie Ceviche was so delicious as well.

It was much hotter on Saturday evening than Friday night, but we sucked it up and ate alfresco.
And then played yard games until the sun went down.
For dessert we had a treasure chest full of decadent selections.  We took a slice of each and washed it down with red wine once the sun set.
Our Sunday was more relaxing, more fun.  Eleanor was a little under the weather so we skipped church in favor of board games and napping babies.  We played a game called Careers, a new favorite for us.

We had such an amazing time.  I can't say enough about how comfortable and welcoming Andy and Amber are.  And also how beautiful and sweet their new baby girl is.  Can't wait until the babies are big enough to play together! 

More weekend adventures to come!  Stay tuned.

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