Monday, July 15, 2013


Weekends never tasted so good!

Oh summer, I will miss you when you are gone.  For now, we are just ankle deep and I couldn't be happier!

On a whim Friday night we hosted our friends Mike and Jenna and their beautiful girls.  I posted on Facebook if anyone wanted to come over and try grilled pizza with us and they were our takers.  We tried grilled pizzas once before but it was a flop.  This time it was AHmazing!  We made the dough in our bread maker, then rolled out personal sized crusts.  We put each one on the grill for 3 minutes, then flipped the crust until the other side was just firm.  Then we brought them inside to be topped with a variety of fresh ingredients before finishing off on the grill.  They were so good, and so fun to do with a group!
Beets made their way onto Eleanor's tray and she was a mess!
After dinner we plopped the girls into the kiddie pool to cool off and splash about.
Eleanor loves the water, anywhere, anytime.
She must have been worn out from her evening with friends, because on Saturday this was the scene at my house at 9am.
Both baby and daddy still sound asleep.
Alex's mom and her husband came over for brunch later and entertained Eleanor for a bit.  We made a delicious feast.  No photos survived breakfast but take my word for it, Delicious!
Dinner was another amazing feast.  We made homemade corn tortillas and stuffed them with a taco mix before cooking on the griddle.  We also tried our hand at fried green tomatoes and okra.  Oh, my!
So much good food this weekend.
We were on a roll with friends and food so Sunday evening we called over to the Collins' to see if they wanted to get together.  They invited us out on the boat with could we say no?
Eleanor wasn't so sure about her life jacket, but she sure loved the water!
We dodged all of the storms last night (23 days straight of rain!)  We floated in the water for a bit and then made our way back to land for dinner.
Katie, Adam and Porter accompanied us to Joel's for sushi and then it was off to home for a very late bedtime for the little missus.  She was a trooper though! 
Such a fabulous weekend!  Filled with great food and even better friends!  So blessed!
Back to the grind.  Happy Monday!

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