Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why I suck at training

Three years ago I trained for and completed a marathon.
Before that I trained successfully for half marathons, 10ks, and relays.

I could write a plan and stick to it.

Man-oh-man, that is no longer the case.  It seems that I am rejecting schedules and plans in all facets of my life.  From eating to exercise, from work to play- I prefer a "go with the flow" attitude lately.

This is not necessarily bad, but with a 40 mile bike ride next Saturday and two upcoming triathlons, I need to get with it.

I could blame it on this girl:
 But honestly, it's not her fault.  If anything I can thank her for the motivation to get out and run.
Running is always better with two!

And I view other opportunities to work out as a nice break and some me-time, so it really has nothing to do with her at all.  She is motivation if anything.

But I stare at that little schedule hanging on my wall above my computer and I just want to rebel.  Today would/should be a 50 minute bike ride followed by a quick jog.  Instead I think I will swim.  Tomorrow is a an off day...but nah, maybe then I will take a class.  I suck.

While following a plan is not easy for me right now, I have to say my activity levels have been admirable.  I am not running half marathons and racing century rides these days.  Nor am I pushing the pace with any of my sports, but I'm being consistent.  And I'm having fun.

I enjoyed mountain biking with friends last week.  Whew! Mountain biking is no joke.  Slightly dangerous and a ton of work.  Alex and I took Eleanor on several jogs last week, taking turns pushing the stroller.  We even took turns playing with her in the pool while the other completed a quick swim in the lap pool one day.

Fitness is different these days and includes running around after a crawler and bicep curls with a 21 pounder (my baby).  It includes family walks around the neighborhood and squeezing in a workout when it feels good, not necessarily because it is on the calendar or convenient.  I feel good about my current workouts, but my question is: will this get me across the finish line in my upcoming races?  With the first triathlon just 8 weeks away, maybe I need to stick to a better schedule?


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