Monday, October 4, 2010

Vegas Vegan- Wynn Buffet

Monday we awoke much healthier than Sunday, although still quite drained.  We intended to start our day with breakfast- but after 2 unsuccessful attempts for vegan breakfast in coffee shops we decided to wait it out for the lunch buffet.  Sipping on coffee we wandered through the Venetian (again, not impressed) and checked out the monorail before heading to the Wynn.

We decided early on on Monday that we would attempt every public transportation necessary.  We were so exhausted!  That of course did not stop me from wearing heals.  (What was I thinking?)

Words cannot describe this buffet (thanks Crystal for the wonderful suggestion!) In fact my photos don't even do it justice.  We came hungry, became the cliched buffet squatters, stayed for hours, and left with no appetite for days.  Keep in mind, all these plates were not just mine.  They were shared between 2.  (Although, it could have fed a small army!)

The highlights of the Wynn buffet were all the vegan options.  There were enough options to keep me satisfied for days.  (I must be honest, and let you know that I did venture off the vegan path a time or two during this adventure in eating).  Ok, enough talk, check this out:

My first plate: heirloom tomato salad, figs and the gnocci were the highlight of this plate
Mr. Kummerow's first plate
Ready to start eating!
My second plate...and the bottomless mimosa...yes that's right, free refills! The spicy cucumber salad and naan were great here! 
Mr. Kummerow's second plate
My third...slowing down a bit!  My favorite of the day was the gazpacho!
All vegan dessert!  Candy apples and strawberry sorbet.
Still smiling!
Loving the mimosa!
All done!
But not smiling anymore!
No, thank you!
Gorgeous hotel!
Even the floors are gorgeous!
I loved these parasols!
Trying to run off my food baby! Not working in the heels!
Here are some other buffet highlights:

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  1. Tanya - I had heard about the Wynn offering vegan options but I had no idea they would be so beautiful and plentiful. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful rest of your stay in Vegas! :)