Monday, November 19, 2012


Check out my Sweet Baby Girl! She is the most precious person I have ever met.  I am so lucky to have her.  It is hard to remember that during 3am feedings, but just one look into those gorgeous eyes, and the scent from the top of her head reminds me of just how wonderful she is.

Despite a rough night on Saturday, we had a really excellent weekend.

Oma came to visit:
My mom drove straight through all the way from Missouri because she couldn't wait another second to cuddle Eleanor.  She was here just Saturday and Sunday before she had to dash off this morning, but she will be back in two weeks with my older sister.

With the extra help this weekend, we made sure to get plenty of time out of the house.  It is amazing what a trip to the mall and a walk in the fresh air will do for one's sanity!
We broke out the stroller and my tennis shoes for a family walk.  We made it all the way around the neighborhood and it felt wonderful to stretch my legs.  It also felt wonderful to no longer be pregnant.

As far as recovery goes, I am feeling about 85% at the moment.  I am hoping by week's end to be nearly 100%, although I am not too anxious to get back to the gym or out running yet.  Simply because I am not anxious to leave Eleanor.

This weekend we also enjoyed a visit from Betty, and our last Baby Meal.  Again, I cannot say enough for all our friends who have provided for us over the last two weeks.  We are truly blessed.
We got lots of smiles out of Eleanor this weekend.  She may not yet know she is smiling, but they certainly warm my heart.
Other highlights include Eleanor's first piece of mail:
 And her first trip to the Daily Grind for breakfast:
I felt like such a pro while at breakfast.  We were lucky to snag a corner booth with tons of privacy.  She became hungry as soon as we sat down and I was able to nurse her right there in the booth.  She proceeded to nurse the entire time we were there, making it pretty difficult for me to eat.  But it was really fun to practice nursing out of the house when I had so much help around.
My favorite part of the entire weekend was simply having Alex home.  After 4 days on our own, it was such a relief to have the help, and also the company.  It makes me happy that we only have two workdays this week and then a five day weekend!  This week I am thankful for Thanksgiving Break.

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