Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Day

We did not take nearly enough photos of Eleanor's first Thanksgiving.  Somehow the afternoon just slipped by and it was dusk before the thought of family photos entered my mind.  I am disappointed.  I may choose to recreate our Thanksgiving in outfits later this weekend and snap some photos so we are sure not to forget all the fun and joy on this special holiday.  I can imagine Thanksgiving will become one of our favorite holidays as Eleanor grows older.  I am just so happy that she was here for the festivities this year.

Mid-morning we swung into Charlotte to pick up our special guests.  My dad and brother William flew in to meet Miss Eleanor. 
They wasted no time jumping in the backseat and checking her out!

At home I finished some last minute preparations on my Roasted Beets and Butternut Squash while my brother rested.  He was up super early for his flight!
We grabbed the food, including the Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Bread Pudding I made and then headed up to Winston-Salem to celebrate the holiday with Alex's mom.  Dinner was absolutely delightful and included turkey as well as our vegetarian option: Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute.  We also had a delicious vegetable dish including carrots, parsnips and Brussels Sprouts, a butternut squash mash, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.  I think I was the only one to touch the beets dish that I brought.  Apparently we aren't a beet-loving family.  Of course, no photos were taken to document this delicious meal.  Once upon a time I used to take only food photos and neglect the people in the room.  Nowadays I either neglect the camera altogether, or only take people photos.  Someday I will remember food and people!
Opa and Uncle Will both got to spend some precious time with Eleanor.  I am so thankful they are here to celebrate the holiday with us!
Now we are enjoying a lazy Friday.  Alex is home from work and the boys are working on some projects around the house.  New smoke detectors are going up and the ceiling fan is fixed.  I have a baby snoozing on my chest and later we will hang lights on the house and decorate the Christmas Tree while drinking spiked eggnog and listening to Christmas music.  It's my perfect little evening, even if the boys will laugh at me!

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