Monday, November 26, 2012


Sadly it was time for my dad and brother to return home.  But happily we had more guests on the way!
Sunday afternoon my grandma and Aunt Linda drove up along with my Uncle Keith and cousin Josie.  My grandma lives in Florida but was visiting Aunt Linda in South Carolina, so it was just another 2 hour drive to be able to visit her 12th great grand baby!  At least we think it is 12.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

We have a very large family.  My grandma had 11 children and many of them had at least 3 kids of their own.  Now that we are all growing up, the family just keeps growing.  My little sister's daughter will be lucky number 13 on the great grand baby list!
It was a quick visit.  They brought us a delicious lunch and we chatted for a couple hours before they were off again.  Not before we managed to snap a few photos.  I'm getting better!
I'm so happy Eleanor got to meet her Great Grandma!  It is just very lucky that we were able to do this.  It will be at least several more months before she will get to meet her other Great Grandma Margaret (her namesake), maybe even summer, and that makes us very sad.  So we were very excited for this visit.
Other than having Eleanor around every single day, my favorite thing these last few weeks has been all of our visitors.  I wish our house was always bustling as much!  These past few weeks have been so full of joy and I feel so happy!

The rest of our weekend was full of Thanksgiving leftovers and football.  We rooted for the Bears and they came through with a big win.  Go Bears!
We also spent time this weekend putting up a few Christmas decorations.  My dad helped Alex hang lights on the house and set up the tree and my brother helped decorate with ornaments.
Eleanor's first Christmas tree!

With Thanksgiving over, we have 3 full weeks before Christmas vacation.  This means 3 full weeks of Stay-At-Home-Mom duties.  Every week until now has been a short one for Alex, so I am a bit nervous without his help.  We are very lucky that Eleanor came when she did so we have all these breaks and Alex gets to spend lots of quality time with his baby girl.  Even with him at work, I will have my mom back next week with my big sister so I will have tons of help then.  I am so lucky I don't have to do this all on my own.  I know I could, but it takes so much of the pressure off knowing I have plenty of support.  And Alex is always a quick phone call away if I need him.  But wish me luck on my first full week by myself!

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