Friday, November 16, 2012

40 Weeks

Ahem...I mean 10 days!
Wow! How do I have a 10 day old baby already?  And it's only November 16th! Today is my due date, and I am so (SO) thankful I didn't have to wait til today...or any longer to meet my sweet baby girl. 

Today, we will play the high/low game to sum up our day.


Oma (my mom) is coming to visit to meet Eleanor! She is on the road as we speak with an ETA of 8pm.  Can't wait for her to be here to cuddle Miss Eleanor.

Eleanor does not feel well today.  She has a stuffy nose and a case of the sneezes.  Poor thing.  I can't help but think that if she would have made it to her due date, she wouldn't be sick right now.  I can't protect her as well now that she is out in the world. 

Those are pre-pregnancy jeans!  Yup, on my due date, I'm wearing my old jeans.  Don't hate, remember those 5 days I spent in labor?  Yes, this is God's way of blessing me for a terrible pregnancy and rough delivery.  I tease.  But seriously, so happy to be in normal clothes.  And that's my sick baby asleep on my chest.  I love my Moby wrap!

Did I mention sick baby?  Well our low might have been that we had two doctor's appointments today.  One for her hearing screen, but that came back completely normal!  So that would actually fall in the HIGH category.  And the second was at our peds to check up on her stuffy nose.  She had no fever and her lungs sounded alright, so all it is a bit of stuffiness.  Again, it stinks that she's not feeling well, but I am so thankful it isn't worse. 


Dinner provided by the Worsham's.  No cooking for us tonight!  I haven't made much mention of it here, since my "How can you help me" post, but we have been so blessed by our church family and friends.  Almost every meal has been completely provided for and it has given Alex and me such a nice break so we can spend every single moment with Eleanor.  "Thank you" does not begin to describe our sincere appreciation for all everyone has done to help us out over the last 10 days.  We are so blessed.

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