Wednesday, November 21, 2012

'Tis the Season

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am just so thankful I am no longer pregnant.  I really thought I would still be pregnant on Thanksgiving, but now there is nothing in the world that I am more thankful for than being Eleanor's mom.  I am so happy to have her here with us, healthy and happy.

However, being a mom has made me realize other things that I could really use, and I would be super thankful to have.  This is a silly little self-indulgent list, and take it with a grain of salt.  While yes, this is my Christmas Wish List, I could bet that any other new mom would be happy to have these items as well.  Husbands, parents, friends, use this as a buying guide for the new mom in your life:

Amazon Kindle (or similar device)
I spend a lot of time nursing these days.  With just one free hand it would be very difficult to read a book.  However, I would love to do something productive with these hours other than stalking people on Facebook.  I have been told an iPad is a better option so I can read any book, not just Kindle specific books.  Either way, an eReader would be an amazing gift for a new mom.

Old Navy or Loft Gift Card
I have a whole new body, and this new body isn't loving those old jeans and sweaters.  Buying clothes for a post-partum woman isn't a great idea.  Even she doesn't know what her size is.  But a gift card, and possibly the offer of babysitting while she takes her sweet time in the dressing room would be an excellent gift.  Of course my personal favorites are listed above, but buy a gift card from the stores she likes.

This would be an amazing gift since a new mom really only has one hand anymore.  Making a pot of coffee can sometimes require too much patience and attention.  A Keurig will produce a fast cup of coffee when she needs it (decaf of course).  She only needs one hand to operate.

Take-Out Restaurant Gift Card
Feeding Eleanor comes easily these days, but feeding myself is still a struggle  As much as I'd like to pretend I have it all pulled together and it is easy to prepare meals, I am seriously at a loss for how to cook while being a mom.  At two weeks in, it is time for the Baby Meals to end and for me to figure out how to feed myself.  Eating at home provides healthier and cheaper alternatives to eating out, however, it is nice to take a break from thinking and cooking and just eat a mindless meal of take out once in a while (or a couple of times a week). 

Laundry Detergent in bulk
Ok, so most new moms probably wouldn't appreciate this as much as I would.  So this is my shameless plug just for me.  I just know someone out there wants to buy me $100 worth of Charlie's Soap.  Then I don't have to think about it again for year

New Panties
Yes I said it.  If you are in an appropriate relationship for you to gift panties to a new mother, it's not a bad idea.  It is so nice to have some semblance of my old body back, but the old, stretched out pregnancy panties aren't doing it any favors.  A Victoria's Secret gift card or some new panties would be perfect.  Please and Thank You!

And what about for baby?  Is there anything she needs this holiday season?  We have spent the last six months collecting everything we need for Eleanor.  I would guess that most new babies are in the same predicament this time of year.  There just isn't much she needs.  Gifts are always loved and appreciated, but give yourself a break this Christmas, there will be many more holidays to spoil her when she'll remember it. 

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