Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rock N Read 5k and a busy Saturday

This post is so funny to me to read back over now that Miss Eleanor has made her arrival.  I wrote this Sunday evening and decided to share just one real bump picture.  Now it is so odd to look at my pregnant belly and imagine this little girl was inside of there!  

Before I get on to the real post I wanted to share: We are not even two days into this new journey and here are just a couple quick thoughts:
  • Also, I am so excited childbirth is over!
  • I have never felt love as strong as I feel it now.
  • My favorite times of day with Eleanor are right after she has eaten.  She has the funniest "milk-drunk" face and just makes me so happy.
  • My husband is the most amazing man I know.
  • God is amazing!
  • We just pulled out the sling and I already love baby-wearing!
  • Oh, and I love when people bring us food!
She will kill me for this photo someday!


This post was written on Sunday, November 5, BE (before Eleanor)
Because I have to document the belly in all its glory just once!  Here she is.  I took this photo after I felt her drop on Thursday.  I actually really love the way my belly looks.  But I will not miss it at all after she is here!

Saturday morning was busy!  Alex and I were up early and headed to Charlotte for the Rock N Read 5k.  We met up with a bunch of blog buddies, Kelly, Caitlin and Britney.  Alex wasn't excited about racing in the cold but wound up doing an excellent job.  I spectated alongside Brittany who is also pregnant, and Kelly's husband Brad.

Alex finished just shy of his PR around 27 minutes.
After we cheered all the other runners in we headed to Bad Daddy's for breakfast with our group.  It was so wonderful to catch up with everyone.  We didn't stay too long, Alex and I had a big day planned.
We were after just one thing in Ikea and actually made it out with just the shelf (and a salad spinner!)
We had a few returns at Babies R Us and used the money to pick up essentials for Eleanor.

Somehow it was already close to 3 by the time we were done with shopping and errands and we made it home just before 4.  Considering we left the house at 7am, it was quite the full day.

After a short nap and dinner we ran even more errands.  More returns, this time to Target and then grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.  Boy just writing about it all is making me exhausted!  It was such a full and fun day and I was so happy to see old friends and meet new ones. 

***All day long I kept telling everyone that I was ready to have this baby and she was coming TONIGHT! Of course she didn't come on Saturday...but thankfully we didn't have to wait too much longer for her!

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