Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Fun Day

On Saturday we planned a Family Fun Day, and knocked off not one, but two items from my Fall Bucket List.
We started our morning early and enjoyed breakfast with our friend Carrie at our favorite local spot, The Daily Grind.
(recycled photo)

Then we jumped in the car and drove to Flat Rock, NC to check out an apple orchard recommended on The Chic Life.
We were not disappointed by Sky Top Orchard, and as Diana suggested, we jumped right in line for the infamous Apple Cider Doughnuts.
It was a long line, but soon enough we had a half dozen hot and fresh doughnuts to chow down on.  Doughnuts wound up as our lunch for the day and fuel for apple picking.
Picking basically consisted of me pointing out the shiniest apples at the very top of the trees and directing Alex to pull them down for me.  Ten apples later and we were done.  I'm not joking...we picked just 10!  While we love apples, I didn't want to feel the pressure of needing to cook bushels of them this week.  So we picked just enough for us to eat!
We wrapped up our apple picking in just the nick of time.  A wild storm was brewing, and even as we drove down the mountain the wind and leaves whipped around our car.  It was fun to drive through the leaf storms, but we were happy to be in the car and not stuck in the middle of an orchard!
With apple picking checked off our bucket list, we headed 30 minutes north to our favorite little North Carolina town, Asheville.  Since we skipped lunch we were ready for dinner by the time we arrived.  We stopped at Tupelo Honey Cafe, a restaurant we have been meaning to try for a very long time.  Every time we go it is always so busy, but this time the wait was just 30 minutes (despite being 4pm in the afternoon!)  I was so excited to finally try it out!
Our waitress brought us biscuits to start.  They were perfect for staving off hunger while we waited for our meals.

Alex is on a never ending quest to find the best Black Bean Burger.  His is pictured lower right in the collage above and by his description, it is one of the best ever!  He really enjoyed his meal and ate every last bite.

I finally gave into my biggest pregnancy craving and ordered fried chicken.  Chicken makes me nervous, but their menu listed it as local and hormone- and antibiotic-free so I decided to go for it.  I ordered the BLT with fried chicken and I subbed the tomato out for a fried green tomato--this I highly recommend!  Even the server said it was the best idea she had ever heard.  My sandwich was served with a mug of house-made tomato soup and the whole meal was just perfect.  Southern, tasty and indulgent.

Of course, since this was our "fancy dinner out" we opted to go all out and ordered the Browned Butter Pecan Pie for dessert.  Oh.My.Goodness.  Pecan pie is Alex's favorite and I certainly enjoy it when we have it on occasion.  But this was the best pie ever!  I love this restaurant, and despite my inability to eat vegan these days, you could certainly have a full vegan meal here.  This restaurant could please everyone!

So 2 down...6 to go on my bucket list! This was the perfect day with Alex, although I can't wait to repeat it next year with Alex and Eleanor!

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