Monday, October 15, 2012

Chili Cookoff

Well we did it! We checked off another item on our Fall Bucket List.
I imagine there will be a few on this list that we will not accomplish.  That is ok, because we were able to check off the item that was certainly the most fun!
On Saturday Alex and I hosted a Chili Cookoff for all our friends.  With over 5 different types of chili to taste; delicious sides like cornbread, fries, fritos and hot dogs; toppings of cheese, sour cream, cilantro and even peanut butter; and finally Black Bean Brownies and Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispy Treats for dessert, it was a culinary delight!
I had such a wonderful time putting together this party and we were so excited to have so many friends over to celebrate.

Set-up was quick and easy.  The rice krispy treats were made in advance and the chili cooked in the crock pot all day.  We grilled up some hot dogs and baked the fries, and the rest was up to our friends.
I, of course, made our favorite Spicy Pumpkin Chili.  I made a few adjustments, but that is pretty much the norm when anyone makes chili.  For this recipe I recommend adding a pumpkin beer and diced sweet potato.  I also roasted a few jalapenos and added to the pot. 
We had a wide variety of chili, from White Bean and Turkey to Chipotle Chocolate Chili.  My absolute favorite dish of the night wasn't even a chili however, but Jenna's amazing cornbread.  My cornbread just never turns out as great!
It was a gorgeous evening so we set up outside.  The sun is strong in the back yard but it was beautiful.  Soon enough, our tent was filled with chili-eating friends!
(Side note: Go Cardinals...just scored in Game 1 of the NLCS! ...and again!)

Despite enjoying 3 bowls of chili, I saved plenty of room for dessert!
These Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispy Treats are amazing!  And Brandy brought Black Bean Brownies that are so moist and delicious, you'd never know they were made with beans!

I also enjoyed my fair share of my absolute favorite treat, Candy Corn!
By 8pm, everyone had had their fill and many of our friends were heading out.  We're either all getting old, or this is just good practice for when our little one is here and has a bed time.  Either way, within another hour Alex and I had the house cleaned up and were ready for bed.  We can pretend all we want for the next month that we are still young and fun (and we still are) but parenthood is surely on its way!

(2 more runs for the Cards!)

I know life is about to change so much.  But I also know that I will continue to host dinners and parties because that is just how I have fun.  I enjoy so much having friends over, and cooking for and feeding them.  While I know that life will be different, I hope that it will not change who I essentially am!

Now I am off to watch the Cardinals game because I am just much too distracted to continue to write!  Good night friends!

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