Friday, October 26, 2012


Typically I wake up on Fridays and can hardly wait to write another blog post.  It is always so exciting to hit another major milestone in pregnancy, and this one is huge.  But today I woke up not so anxious and excited.  My mood was actually quite foul, and being pregnant was the last thing I wanted to think about!

It was a rough night of sleep last night.  It has been for several weeks now, but last night was particularly bad.  Every hour on the hour from 11pm until 3am I was up needing to pee (and there were the three times I went even before I fell asleep at 11).  After 3am I couldn't get back to sleep until sometime after 4am.  From there I made it until 7:40am without getting out of bed, but by then the terrible night had already wrecked my morning. 

As if all the tossing and turning weren't bad enough, I also suffered terribly from heartburn last night.  Which made me drink even more water, which made me have to pee even more!  The heartburn has found its way into my day as well so I've been chugging Almond Milk and popping Papaya enzymes to try to relieve the burn. 

Basically, today is one big rant about how much being pregnant stinks.  I had big plans today about posting my exciting 37-week milestone and assuring everyone that while I'm considered full-term, I could patiently wait another 3, or 4, or maybe even 5 weeks for this baby.  However, this morning I woke up thinking, "Get this child out of me! I'M DONE!"

Of course, that isn't my choice, and I'm not ready to give up my birth plans to schedule a pre-term C-section just to end the misery, but I am afraid I am now the anxious pregnant woman I was scared to become.  Even last night, my pregnant sister and I joked about how we wouldn't become those women.  We knew we signed up for 40+ weeks and we were going to keep our cool.  Well, I was going to keep my cool, until this morning. 

I would really like for this sleep pattern to change really soon!  I would desperately love to not suffer from acid-reflux anymore.  I know this is all very temporary.  Just like morning sickness, in a few short weeks I will be staring into the beautiful eyes of my baby girl and I will hardly remember what it felt like to be pregnant at all.  I know I must practice patience here.  I know I must practice tolerance.  It just isn't very easy. 

So with that off my chest...WOO-HOO! We're 37 weeks!  Like I mentioned, this makes us "full-term" meaning the baby could survive outside the womb if she chose to come now.  This also means we are safe to deliver at the birth center.  Had I gone into labor previously, we would have had to deliver in a hospital, so I am thankful that we will have the birth that we chose.  So now let the count down continue, but I'm changing it slightly:

37 weeks down- 5 to go! (Or any day now!) Bring on the patience!

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