Thursday, December 22, 2011

Road Trip Must Haves

Road trips can be extremely taxing mentally and physically without the right tools! In no particular order, here are our must haves for any road trip:
Clearly an iPod is a must have, loaded with lots of great music and podcasts. When iPod music fails...Pandora is always a quick fix!
And our true road trip favorite: books on CD
This year we have tried out several new podcasts on our adventures. Our favorites include Stuff You Should Know and Freakonomics.
We also enjoyed a few Focus on the Family marriage podcasts. One was a pretty funny Christian comedian.

Clearly good food is a must have for our road trips. On this trip we grabbed Eggless Salad and whole wheat pitas with spinach and hummus.

We also enjoyed leftover Empire Cookies.  These were key in getting through the drive!

Forbes and I both enjoyed a caffeinated beverage for our late night drive yesterday as well!

When we needed a break from the car mid-way our go-to stop is the nearest Cracker Barrel.
Cracker Barrels can be found everywhere, usually have clean restrooms and lots of fun stuff to look at! 

While entertainment and food are very important for a road trip, the ultimate road trip must have is a great driving companion. Forbes is definitely my favorite!

Happy Road tripping!

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