Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Me time

The 5k is over so what have I been up to now?

Snuggling babies was high on the to-do list directly following the 5k!
This week it is still very important for me to put a lot of time into work.  So much to follow up on.  However, it is also very important to take some time for me, and snuggling babies works just fine for that.

So does baking.
My first attempt at Biscotti.  The flavor is amazing!  I used a recipe from Oh She Glows, only I substituted Almond Milk for Holiday Nog and it is still so tasty.
I may need to work on my shaping skills just a bit before these are ready to go out the door. 
These would make great holiday gifts this season.

Don't let all the "goofing off" fool you.  Despite my morning spent in the kitchen today, and afternoon playing with babies, I still managed to put in a solid load of work both days.  This morning I was up at 5am ready to head out the door for an early morning meeting with future coaches and a pep-rally with the girls at Sharon Elementary.  Even though last night I was up late at a dinner with board members and volunteers to debrief this season's 5k.  Busy, busy!

Alright, I'm done here.  Off to write some thank you notes.  Forbes and I are finally going to settle down tonight and cook at home.  We have no plans, no meetings, no events.  Just the two of us and our little kitchen.  It has been a very long time since we have made a home cooked dinner!  We also have a fun holiday tradition planned for tonight...
Last year I made my own vegan gingerbread house from scratch completely.  This year I'm a little exhausted for that, and Forbes surprised me with a kit this morning!  Can't wait!

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