Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday

Another Tuesday, Another Pot Luck.  Only this one was a bit different.
We had a birthday boy to celebrate!  Elijah turned 18 yesterday and the whole Dumford family was present to celebrate.  In many ways Forbes and I feel grafted into this family and we are so lucky to have this support and nurture while we are so far away from our own moms and dads and brothers and sisters.

For dinner we had tacos, tortilla melts, salad, and roasted acorn squash.
It was filling and delicious.

Elijah blew out the candles on his birthday cake and opened his presents.  In true foodie form, most of his gifts were food gifts...a cookie from Great Harvest, a pie from his grandma.
Happy Birthday Elijah!
While we were content to celebrate Elijah's big birthday, there was another special birthday event going on on the other side of town.

Elizabeth and Ben welcomed Joshua and Caleb Huck and Finn into the world!
The jury is still out if they identical.  But what we know is that these babies are loved and cherished already more than they can ever imagine.  My heart was full last night seeing Elizabeth and Ben and these two precious angels. 
Huck is the first born and gets his good looks from his daddy.  Finn (on the right above) is a spittin' image of his big sister Simi.  Both boys are healthy and big and so beautiful! 

Congratulations Elizabeth and Ben, and Praise the Lord for this Christmas Miracle!
Holding four-hour old babies sure does make your heart skip a beat!

Happy Birthday Elijah, Huck and Finn!

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