Friday, December 16, 2011

Baking must-haves!

The cookie madness continued quite early this morning.  Up at 6 and baking by 7!  It's barely 8:30 and I already have 6 dozen cookies under my belt.  Well not literally, since I didn't eat them all :)

Baking so early this morning got me thinking about the things that are really must have items for me in the kitchen when baking.  I really went through every single tool I was using and deduced that there are only two that I could not live without.  Well except for the essentials like measuring cups and spoons and spatulas.  But there are exactly two pieces of equipment that are *optional* when baking...but not optional in my kitchen.

No explanation needed.  I would not bake without it. 

I just discovered this tool this year, and I will never go back.  Evenly scoop out each cookie and drop perfectly on your pan with this cookie scoop.  Remarkable and Genius.  Like I said, never going back!

Cookie party updates coming soon...until then TGIF!

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