Tuesday, December 6, 2011

dun, Dun, DUN

In the words of my dear friend Mike Jette: "Rut-Row"
That photo would be looking out my windshield from the inside of my car.

The things I do for Girls on the Run.

I think I contained any expletives from coming out of my mouth, but I did drive the 45 minutes back home with the music blasting and singing at the top of my lungs.  Anything to remove myself from the reality that I just caused. 

I texted Forbes that same photo and his reply: "dun, Dun, DUN!" 

Gotta love a husband who is on the same page as me...frustrated, but willing to make light of the situation.  There is nothing we can do now.

But honestly, how does a PVC pipe cause your window to shatter?  Just sayin'!

Moving on...

Forbes and I meal-planned this week, knowing the chaos that was coming.  However, last night we threw the meal plan out the window and opted for some late evening commerce and a dinner of cereal and milk.  Sometimes its all I want. 
I am now considering another bowl of cereal for a mid-afternoon snack.  The likelihood that I will actually get to sit down and eat this evening at Coach Appreciation Night is slim.  It's between the cereal and an I'm Sick Smoothie since I have been feeling below the weather this week, and illness just cannot happen at this crucial time!

Still chugging along!  Can't wait for Saturday!

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