Friday, December 2, 2011

Remember When

Hello, and welcome to the Second Annual "Remember When"!  Let's recap another amazing year and wish Vegan Faith a Happy Two-Year Cyber Birthday, shall we?!

Remember when Vegan Faith turned one and I got to meet Caitlin Boyle (one of my blogging idols) for the very first time?

Remember when I bragged about how awesome my job is?  Seriously, taking a look at those photos now makes me teary-eyed.  I cannot wait until our 5k in just a week!

Remember when I attended my first ever blogger meet-up at the Cowfish?  That was an epic photo fail in that I didn't snap a single photo of a person!  That inspired my New Year's Resolution to take more photos of people...which also turned into an epic fail!

Remember when I posted about how much I love Skinny Jeans?  For some reason that post has gone on to be one of the most googled and viewed post on Vegan Faith! (BTW...I'm wearing that same exact outfit right now!)

(Ok y'all, I haven't even made it out of December yet!  That must have been an awesome month!  Let's move ahead shall we?)

Remember when I ran a marathon?
Yeah me neither!  Just kidding.  That was such a major life achievement!  I am so happy and proud of myself for accomplishing that goal!

Remember when I met Jenna Wolfe from the Today Show?  That post also became one of the most popular and most read posts of all times.  I guess people really like Jenna Wolfe!

Remember when I hosted my own Vegan Cooking Class.  Never again!  Too much pressure!
(That only got us through January folks!  Here's hoping my February through November were no where near as exciting!)

Remember when Forbes and I decided to travel to Mwandi, Zambia on a mission trip and I documented our adventure here on Vegan Faith?  Yes, that was amazing!  Visiting Africa helped me to understand better God's will for my life as a missionary and evangelist.  I am now just amazed that He chooses to use me and I'm excited for what is to come!

Remember when I got a free bike, and then proceeded to ride it all summer long!  Now I am a huge cycling enthusiast!  And maybe if I can get my act together I will try a couple triathlons next year!

Remember when I attended my first blogger conference?  HLS was so much fun and I can't wait to return next year!
Remember when I visited my sister in Nashville and fell in love with that great city?  It was all I could do not to pack up and move there immediately!

And last but not least...Remember when Forbes and I celebrated our third anniversary and I declared that this year was going to be better than all the rest?  Well it already is and I'm loving every second of it!  Keep following Forbes and me right here for many more adventures to come!

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