Monday, December 12, 2011

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

The Christmas Spirit is fully upon me!  The constant influx of Christmas Cookies and the frosty temps have had everything to do with it!

Last night as I arrived late to work, thanks to a much needed nap on the couch after church, I realized there is a character flaw that I have been ignoring these many, many years.  Perhaps I have a wee bit of a problem with authority figures.  Ask my mom and dad, and they may reply that is much more than a "wee bit!" 

Alas, this character flaw has served me well in some areas, such as my current job with Girls on the Run.  I thrive in an environment that allows me to be my own boss, and self-motivate each and every day.  Similarly, it has also allowed me to never accept the status quo in my life and always strive for what is bigger and better, no matter how far out of reach. 

Regardless, it doesn't always serve me quite so well.  As I waltzed into my part-time job approximately 30 minutes late, Earl was not having it.  He was not amused by my casual demeanor and my unapologetic approach.  "What's up boss?" does not bode well when you are half an hour late.  For the record Earl, I am very, very sorry.  It won't happen again.

I tend to make light of situations in my life.  My motto..."life is just too short."  Was it worth becoming frantic and stressed when there was absolutely nothing I could do to fix my tardiness?  I arrived just as fast as I could.  I told him that I was sure my sleeping-in excuse at 4 in the afternoon would not be sufficient enough and out of respect I wouldn't bore him with the lameness of it all.  He didn't appreciate that very much either. 
Oh well, this story has a point.  A week ago, I mixed up a batch of those delicious cookies shown above.  I packaged them and mailed them out to three amazing bloggers, and proceeded to sit by mailbox day after day waiting for cookies to be mailed in return for the exchange.  All of those instructions I followed to the "T."  However, when it came to posting instructions, I took my usual blog approach and did what I wanted without reading ahead.  I blogged my recipe one week too early


So rather than bore you with a repost...I am opting to once again forgo the written instructions and just do my own thang.  So today, instead of showing you more photos of the cookies I already posted, let me just get your attention with the results of my endless hours waiting by the mailbox!
Vegan Confetti Cookies from Namely Marly.  I hate to list favorites on the The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, so I'll just say that these came first in the mail and therefore won the favorite category.  Because fast cookies are always good cookies!
Just a day later I received these delightful cookies complete with an adorable ornament!  My Naturally Frugal Family wins the award for sending a gift with a gift!
The Mexican Wedding Cookies are one of my all time favorite cookie recipes and these are the first vegan ones I have ever eaten.  Delicious!

Last but certainly not least, a treasure chest of lemony goodness arrived on my doorstep!
Killer Bunnies Inc. gets an "A" for packaging.  I will reuse this container many times for the IRL cookie swaps coming soon!
Lemon is my favorite flavor (our wedding cake was lemon) and these cookies do not disappoint!  Italian Lemon Drop Cookies will be on my to-make list this holiday season!

In the hilarity of life, karma always comes back around to bite at your ankles. 
Just when you think you've got everything running seamlessly and it just couldn't go any better, your crowd of 800 starts running your 5k in the opposite direction, before the gun goes off?!


This was no April Fool's Joke people...just a perfect lesson for me of the importance of following directions. 

More about the 5k later!  Have a wonderful Monday!

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