Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No rest for the weary

I am feeling a little out of focus this morning.  I have very little desire to tackle the box of paperwork I brought home from last night's dinner.  Well...I have very little desire to start work at all today.  It could be the 16 hours I put in yesterday speaking.  But it probably has more to do with this:
That became dinner at 10pm last night.  Thankfully, the rest of that cake is now en route to Forbes' school where it will find a nice home in many unsuspecting bellies.  Phew!  I can't take many more unfocused mornings-not with the impending race!

Last night was an amazing event.  We had a great turn out of coaches and I showed a video I have been working on for weeks.  Unfortunately it is much longer than 10 minutes, so I need to find a way to upload it to the internet.  Any suggestions?

It was a sweet recap of a wonderful season of Girls on the Run.  We are all looking forward to the 5k this weekend, but it will be bittersweet!

Last night Field of Greens catered our dinner with a beautiful salad bar.
I supplemented the dinner with a few extras:
Stacey's Simply Naked Pita Chips and Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.  I always buy items that I love for this event because I know I will be bringing home the leftovers.  So many others love Sabra and Stacey's so there weren't too many leftovers unfortunately!
I also tossed together this pasta salad right before leaving the house yesterday.  It is super quick and simple but tastes delightful.  In the mix, baked tofu, vegetable pasta shells, butternut squash, peas and corn and a delicious dressing.  I will try to get a better photo and post for you soon!

MJ's Sugar Shack was wonderful enough to donate this delicious cake for our event as well.
Everyone loved the cake...especially me!
Alright, no more piddling.  I must get to work.  Lots to do.  No rest for the weary. 

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