Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is what I ate...

I try not to do too many "this is what I ate" posts...but here goes another!  How can I deny you all of these wonderful foods?  Plus I just have an obsessive nature to take photos of everything I eat.  So for your entertainment, and to get these photos off my phone...
Best Smoothie Idea ever!  The magic ingredient? Cucumber!  In the mix: 2 large handfuls spinach, 1 banana, ~1/2 cup frozen blueberries, and 1/2 a small cucumber.  Loved it!
Dinner last night was so good!  It has been this------------------long since I have had a sandwich.  This honey wheat bread was delicious, but not perfect, so you will have to wait for a recipe.
Best Blueberries Ever!  They came in my produce delivery yesterday and they are so plump and sweet.  They were an obvious topping for my usual banana oats. 
What? That's not food!  Is that an actual human?  Yes!  My friend Brandy picked me up in her sweet convertible for a mid-morning treat!
The treat was actually spending time with my friend...not the sorbet!  Ok, maybe it was a little of both!
Can you believe I am sitting in a gas station in this photo?
Seriously...that is the gas station.  If you are ever stuck in Brawley School Road traffic and happen to be in front of this place, you should just take an hour, get off the road, grab some frozen yogurt and enjoy rush hour from the comfort of your very own armchair!  Wait out the traffic, and then drive home stress-free!  We weren't stuck in rush hour, but we were certainly stress free!
Brandy is from Missouri just like me and we became fast friends when I worked at the Y.  She spotted my SEMO backpack and pretty much hasn't left me alone since.  Thank goodness, because she is my sanity! 

But seriously, can you believe this gas station has self-serve frozen yogurt (including dairy-free sorbet)?!  And a toppings bar to boot?  Just like my favorite TCBY!  And now it is on my way to work every single day.  Uh-oh!  Especially considering sorbet was not written into the Marsha Challenge.  However, there was a free coupon in yesterday's mailer, and who can turn down self-serve, especially when its free!

Moving right along...

Lunch consisted of a granola and a bunch of grapes and chips and salsa because I was on the go-go-go all day.  Turns out I broke a lot of Marsha Challenge rules today.  I don't think I ate a single meal at a table all day after breakfast! But no matter, because I still ate really healthy, including a whole bowl of veggies for dinner.
(along with 3 giant handfuls of ultimate weakness!)

But before dinner...this happened:
Ah yes the beautiful sun on Lake Norman!  My friend Brandy led me to this new app that takes two photos at the same time utilizing both cameras on the iPhone! Yay for new tricks!  So these two images were happening simultaneously.  Can you tell how happy I was!  I love the sun!  Thanks Kristin for letting me borrow your view for the afternoon!

Ok, ok, I'm sure you love hearing every minute detail of my daily routine...but here's the last one...after babysitting tonight, I hopped on my bike for a short and very enjoyable ride with my friend Emily.  With the wind in my face, it made these crazy North Carolina temperatures feel almost bearable.  And when I arrived home just now, Forbes had turned on the air conditioning making my shower all the more enjoyable.  Although I hate using AC, I am still proud of us for making it all the way to June without!

So that was my Thursday (with a bit from yesterday!)  Forbes would like for me to share that there is ONE MORE DAY OF SCHOOL LEFT!  So technically they have exams next week, but tomorrow will be his last day teaching before summer!  We are excited and now must go celebrate! 

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