Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greetings from JFK

It is just 9:30am and I am already ready for a salad!  I've been up since 3am, showered, off to the airport at quarter till four, on a plane by 6, landed in JFK by 8 and now I'm just biding my time before the longest flight of my life! 

Right now American Express is my favorite in the whole wide world.  Did you know that you can get 20 minutes of free Wi-Fi through a Boingo hotspot?  Yup, I just clicked on a little American Express button, did not have to enter any information, and got online.  That gives me just 15 more minutes to post before I run out of time.  So this will be short and sweet. 

We will land in South Africa sometime tomorrow morning.  With a long layover and free WiFi in Johannesburg, I hope to bring you a better post, and hopefully a video or two.  Until then...enjoy photos of weary travelers!
The Green Team!
Successful first flight.  We slept most of the way to JFK.
Except when the Today show came on.  Have you ever been on a flight with cable tv?  Best thing ever!  Personal televisions on a domestic flight...never heard of such a treat!
Beautiful sunrise from the air!
We had about a mile walk to our next gate.  It was an unexpected exercise that was wildly welcomed.
We are checking in now for our flight.  We leave in just about an hour.  Then 15 long hours later we will land in South Africa.  See ya'll then!

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