Sunday, June 19, 2011

My bags are packed...I'm ready to go (I hope!)

Packing for Africa is fully underway today.  I felt as though we waited so long to start packing and I was beginning to get a little nervous that we would run out of time or forget something.  But after a full day of shopping, laundry, folding, sorting, and stuffing we are well prepared.
Decisions, decisions...what to take, what to leave behind?
International travel allows 2 checked bags per person at 50 lbs or less.  You are also allowed a carry on that is 17 lbs or less.
His and her checked bags with the gym bag being one of our carry-ons.  It is important to have enough clothes in your carry on to really get you through the trip in case the checked bags don't make it through three layovers.
Both of our suitcases are packed very lightly.  We may still need to stuff them with extra supplies last minute.
Here is what we have packed for our trip to Africa:

We will each be wearing pants and t-shirts with hoodies to travel and wearing comfortable walking shoes (Sanuk).

In the carry-on:
Pair of capris/pants
2 short sleeve shirts
2 long sleeve shirts
2 change of underwear

In the checked suitcase:
4 pairs of capri pants
1 pair of jeans
3 more short sleeve shirts
3 more long sleeve shirts
1 long dress
lots of underwear
sneakers (I do plan to run while in Africa!)
gloves and winter hat for cold Safari nights

We are keeping our toiletries minimal.  We plan to buy shampoo and soap when we arrive.  These are the items we have packed:

toothbrush and toothpaste
face wash and lotion
bug spray
fingernail clippers and tweezers

Our other carry-on bag will include the laptop, cameras, iPods, books and magazines for travel.  All things to entertain us for 24+ house of flights and layovers.  What on earth did people do before such technology existed?  

But that is about it.  We can get away with so little because we will have laundry facilities throughout our trip and convenient stores at the first stop at least.

What about those other two checked bags?  Well those are full of supplies that we are bringing to Mwandi.  Sunday School materials, dolls, office supplies, medical supplies, etc.

What is left on my to-do list before I leave?  I have many things to wrap up for Girls on the Run tomorrow so I plan to work a full day.  Meanwhile, Forbes will be helping out with house chores.  We would like to come home after a month away to a clean home!  I also need to make a trip to the library, pick up a few last minute supplies and attend several meetings. 

Tomorrow I have a long run scheduled in the morning, an eyebrow appointment at lunch and hopefully I will have the chance to catch up with a few friends in the evening before our "weigh in" at 7pm.  Then Tuesday morning first thing (as in 4am!) we are off to Africa!

I plan to make a few treats for our travels as well.  I want to make sure I have healthy and wholesome food while en route.  I have no idea what I will be eating once I arrive in Africa, but I want to make sure I arrive healthy, and fueling up on whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies and of course my travel staple: peanut butter, will help to ensure I arrive strong and well. 

It is all happening so quickly.  I know it is over-used, but I really feel like just yesterday I was writing this post about our decision to go to Africa.  It all feels very surreal and honestly has not yet set in.  I am leaving for Africa in a day!  Amazing!

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