Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cast of Characters

Good morning!  My computer is telling me it is 1:45am at home...yet I'm feeling alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic (camp song)!  It is 7:45am here.  I had the best of intentions of suckering Forbes into a run with me this morning, but alas, sleep won over.  Not to mention a very full day today, including plenty of hiking at Victoria Falls this morning lured me into a few more minutes of sleep. 
I feel so blessed to have made it safely to Livingstone.  And so did all of our luggage!  So far I feel very little sleep deprivation/jet-lag.  I am constantly reminding myself that I really am in Africa; now that I have arrived it doesn't quite feel so far away anymore.  The days leading up to this trip were very surreal, and that feeling still hasn't left me.  I am anxious to get to the village of Mwandi where we will be staying for the rest of our trip and I think the reality of our mission will finally set in once we are there.  We leave for Mwandi tomorrow morning, and until then we have plenty to keep us occupied. 

Before we are fully immersed into our mission and tasks I would like to introduce you to the cast of characters I am traveling with:

Of course ya'll know Forbes:

I am so thankful that this trip was laid upon his heart, as it was mine.  I would never want to go on this mission without him.  I know that we will be changed so much and it wouldn't be fair if only one of us got to experience this.  I am so happy that we are doing this together!

Next is our fearless leader Doug:

You have also heard much about him in the past on Vegan Faith, including recaps of his sermons from time to time.  This is his 6th year to Mwandi!

Fred is the minister at another local church in Mooresville, First Presbyterian and has also been visiting Mwandi for many years.  He was just here in April of this year and is very knowledgeable about all the people and places.

Steve is well-traveled and a wealth of knowledge.  His stories are so interesting.  Forbes and I hope to be like him when we grow up and travel the world!

Bob is my hero.  We just found out he is 81 years old!  And as we were walking to the market yesterday and I inquired if he would rather take a cab, he assured me that he walks at least 4 miles a day! 

Last but not least is our dear friend Ben.  We go to church together.  Forbes went on a mission trip with Ben and the youth last summer and it really sparked his interest in missions, which subsequently led to our adventure in Africa this summer.  I am very thankful for that!
(Ben would not upload!)

And then there is me of course!  My dream of coming to Africa has finally come true and I have God to thank for every provision.  I cannot wait to experience it all but am constantly reminding myself to slow down and breathe it all in.  

There will be several others joining our group this evening before we head off for Mwandi tomorrow morning.  And then of course there will be many more folks to meet!

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  1. So excited for you guys! Love being able to keep up with you here! Prayers coming your way for all of you and all of Mwandians. God is so good! Love.