Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fresh and Fun

There is so much fresh and yummy foods happening around the Vegan Faith compound this week, I feel as if I can hardly keep up with it!  

I have made two loaves of great tasting, whole grain bread that I still haven't posted.  Not to mention the amazing Vegan Loaf I made for Marsha and her family.
I have whipped up a batch of the most delectable chocolate cupcakes for a baby shower I'm hosting today, and of course countless smoothies as the days have been undeniably hot!
Dinners around here have consisted of easy, quick dishes and ones that are cooked on the grill (since we are still waiting for a part for my broken oven!)
We don't mind because it is much too hot to cook indoors anyhow!

This morning was a very unusual Sunday for Forbes and me.  For the first time in forever we opted out of church.  I feel like a heathen just typing that sentence!  We weren't out of town, we didn't have plans, and no excuses.  We just wanted to be at home together.  Despite are relaxing and enjoyable morning, I think we both still missed church.  We missed our church family, and the community of church.  I was interested to observe how I felt about choosing not to go.  It made me realize that every Sunday we do attend is a choice.  Not just an obligation.  I remember church as a child and how much I dreaded attending.  I didn't want to get out of bed on Sunday mornings, and in general, I just didn't want anybody to tell me I had to be somewhere.  I did that 5 days a week, wasn't that enough?  

Now, however, I enjoy the task of waking up on Sundays and getting ready for church.  I enjoy getting there early to greet all the church-goers, and sitting through Doug's long but thoughtful messages.  I enjoy my monthly responsibility in Sunday School and hanging out with the youngest members of the church when it is my turn in the nursery.  Church is fun for me, not just another check on the to-do list each week.  

Rather than attend church this morning, we enjoy a leisurely breakfast accompanied by an ice-cold glass of coffee.
I bought it at the store hot, drank half of it, let it cool and added ice and Almond Milk. It was divine.  Breakfast was also amazing.
Yummy waffles!  Topped with blueberries, bananas, almond butter and honey.  So good!  Almost heavenly!

So now the relaxation and time at home ends.  I am hosting a baby shower luncheon for my dear friend Jill, and then we are off to Winston-Salem to meet my in-laws for dinner.  Busy, busy, busy!  I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!  I'm off!

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