Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Travel Mercies

Charlotte to JFK= 2 hours
Layover= 2 hours
JFK to Johannesburg, South Africa= 15 hours
Layover= 2 hours
Johannesburg to Livingstone, Zambia= 1 hour 40 minutes
Drive to hostel= 10 minutes

...and we made it!

Basically I slept all the way to JFK.  We made it easily to our next flight and the the giant jet took off on time.  Immediately I changed my watch to Africa time and began to alter my mindset.  I had "dinner" a little after noon our time, but close to 6pm in Africa.

Forbes and I enjoyed a movie on our personal television sets, popped an ambien, changed into pajamas, donned my face mask, socks and ear plugs and managed to sleep a solid 8 hours!

It was morning then, and I watched a beautiful sunrise outside my window while enjoying my breakfast.  Combining fruit and rolls from the airport meal with crackers and peanut butter from my packed foods, I managed to eat a well-rounded meal.

After another movie we were on the ground in Africa and on our way to Livingstone by 11am.  I was hungry then and snacked on granola and crackers and cookies before boarding.  I thought I was going strong as I sat on our jumper flight, but the minute we began to move I was clocked out.  Sleeping the whole way to Livingstone certainly set me up for success today!

We have had a few hours to unload, walk around, do a little sight-seeing and now we are off to dinner!  

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  1. We're SO glad you both made it ok. We'll be following along. Can't wait to see the pictures! I have a friend from college from South made me miss her today. :o) Love you guys! - JILL