Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Saturday Scoop

It is Saturday again already, and I feel as if the days are flying by.  How is it possible that in 3 short days I be leaving for Africa.  The reality and magnitude of the situation is beginning to set in, as I round up all the last minute tasks. 

This morning I went for "one last run with Ashley" before I leave.  I plan to run at least one more time, but this was my last opportunity to work out with Ashley before I go.  It was an amazing 5 mile run and flew by!  We chatted the entire time.  So much to talk about! 

With that in mind let's discuss work outs this week.


Sunday: intense arm and calisthenics with Marsha
Monday: 3 mile run with Kristin
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: HIIT with Marsha
Thursday: killer Track workout with Marsha and the boys
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 8k run with Ashley

Can you tell I like to work out with friends?  I am not a solo exerciser!


Lots of yumminess was oozing from kitchen this week as I was forced to cook up what is in the house.  When you are stuck using what you have  on hand some of the most creative dishes emerge!  We ate lots of pasta dishes this week but made them light and fresh to fit the season.

Lemon and Mint Pasta


What do you hunger for?  I know that I am hungry for the Lord right now.  I know that I need a spiritual awakening.  Instead I am filling my minutes and days with business.  I cannot wait to get to Africa and be forced to slow down.  Forced to put Him first and center in my life.  I am very excited for what he has in store for me!


Have you met Brittany?  She blogs at A Healthy Slice of Life.  She is vibrant and fun, on her blog and in person!  Brittany lives in the same little town I do and I have had the chance to hang out with her on numerous occasions.  Check out her blog for a little fun.  She is healthy and fit and also preggers right now!  Her blog is a wealth of information and I look forward to reading it each day!

Happy Belated Birthday to my friend Kristin.  We enjoyed a day on the lake together last weekend.  Those are my favorite types of days!  Sun and fun!

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