Thursday, June 9, 2011

Africa Update- how I'm preparing

I totally feel like I'm on Reading Rainbow right here...(at the end of the video)!

Today I left to have my last vaccination before going to Africa.  Am I glad to be done with shots!  Now comes the fun task of packing!  Check out the video for some fun updates about our mission trip to Africa and to find out what is on my reading list before I leave!  (If you can't see the video because you are an email subscriber, just click through to the website to view).

As I mentioned in the video, we are collecting supplies to bring with us to Africa.  If you would like to donate anything please contact me at [email protected].  Thank you!

Toys for counselling centre
-        African  American Barbie dolls  and dolls ( must have hair)
-        Fun and educational wall posters or decorations
-        Pens ( Biro)
-        White and collared chalk
-        Pencils ( lead )
-        Permanent Markers
-        White board Markers
-        Envelopes ( DL 110 x 220mm)
-        A4 Envelopes
-        Glider/paper  clips
-        Fold back clips ( all sizes )
-        Thumb tacks
-         Memory Stick’s
-        White out ( roll on type )
-        A4 Note books
-        Post it notes
-        AA Batteries
-        AAA Batteries

Ink Cartridges - ## URGENT REQUEST ##
HP Ink jet Printer
HP 21 - Black
HP 22 - Colour
Laser Printer (Toner Cartridge):
Brother TN-2025  and Brother TN-2150
Cannon LBP31OOB  laser Printer - 312 toner ( seems you can only get in Australia)
HP  P1102  laser Printer - HPCE285A

First Aid
-        Burn cream
-        Cotton wool in a roll
-        Plastic gloves ( latex) - all sizes
-        Toothpaste
-        Hand sanitizer 250 ml
Devotions and Recreation
-        Christian Posters - Young Children and teenagers to display in feeding hall.
-        Christian Children Devotion books  12  to 15 years
-        Adult devotion books for Staff devotions
-        Digital Projector - for staff symposiums and movies for children and HIV education
-        Soccer and Volley balls
-        Plain t-shirts ( Ages 6 mths to 15 years ) - for children on feeding program
-        Colouring in books - Christian
-        Shuttle cocks
-        Whistles for  sport
-        Bibs for team games

-        50-75mm Hose clamps ( SS)
-        Duck tape
-        Pair of pliers and multi-grips ( Meduim size )

*All items highlighted are our urgent requests*

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