Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keeping Sane

Happy Tuesday and Happy Short Work-Week to everyone!  I am one excited lady as this week is very hectic.  Keeping me sane and at peace are these beautiful hydrangeas my mother-in-law brought for me this weekend. 

Girls on the Run is in full swing now with registration taking up pretty much all of my time and energy.  We have had a great turnout so far but there is still so much to be done...including coaches training tonight with almost 40 coaches!  This will be my biggest training to date.  I'm a little nervous.

The rest of my energy is consumed growing this baby...

Eleanor is now 29 1/2 weeks along and according to some sources is the size of an acorn squash.  This little girl is nearly 3 pounds now and is kicking her momma all the time!  The best moments are when Alex gets to feel her moving around.  I grab his hand and place it on my belly and she usually quiets right down, but sometimes he gets to feel all the movement!

Last night was a particularly rough night for sleeping.  She was bouncing around and my mind was racing.  So around 2am I trekked downstairs to curl up on the couch.  I can sometimes get better sleep when I don't have as much room to toss and turn.  It still wasn't perfect, but I managed to get a little more rest before Alex came down for work this morning. 

Before being pregnant I would have described a baby's movement in the belly as very alien-esque.  And even being pregnant, at times it is so weird to have a living thing inside of you moving about.  Most of the time I enjoy her movements though and it makes me excited for when she is here.  Other times I become very annoyed, especially when I'm trying to sleep or read and relax.  When I lay on my side she kicks like crazy which makes relaxing extremely difficult! 

Well, time to get back to work and quit babbling! Have a great Tuesday!

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