Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let's Chat

This may turn it into a random rant, and there may not be any photos to support my conversation here...but this is what I want to talk about today.

1.  I hate mornings.  Mostly I am a morning person, but since Alex went back to work, I hate mornings.  I lay in bed half-awake dreading the next steps: get up, brush my teeth, make the bed, make breakfast (groan!).  So instead I just lay there until I just can't lay there any longer.

What gives?  Some of my favorite things are just monotonous and taxing these days.  For example, I have had the same bowl of oatmeal for breakfast 10 days in a row.  This is unlike me.  But I lack creativity in the kitchen and the idea of stirring together anything more is just plain tiring. 

2.  We had a doctor's appointment today and it was so much fun.  We got to hear baby girl's heartbeat and ask the gazillion questions that have been burning in my mind lately.

First, I needed a natural remedy for this extreme heartburn and acid reflux.  Marcia suggested papaya.  That sounds yummy.  But for tonight I tried french fries and Pepsi.  Yup, I am breaking all the rules! 

We also found out many more details about the birth.  I plan to do a whole post on our birth plans, but not today.  It will take me a long time to gain the courage to type it all you know how many different opinions there are about birth and breastfeeding these days?! 

3.  Girls on the Run registration starts tonight!  In exactly 30 minutes to be exact!  So tonight is our semi-annual stay-in and wait for the craziness begin

4.  Alex is cooking me dinner, again.  He really is the best! 

Have a great night, and don't forget to sign up for GOTR!

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