Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Funky and Silly

It's laundry day here...even though it's not a Monday or a Friday.  What gives?
Baby laundry! 

I have been so anxious to get everything set up lately.  So for the last two days I have washed everything! The blankets, crib sheets, clothes, swing and bouncy chair covers.  Everything!  Is this what they call nesting?
I love to hang out in the baby's room.  It is full of cute stuff, who wouldn't want to hang out in there?  But as I hang out in there, I get the urge to clean, organize and sort.  I suppose there could be worse things. 

Today has been a funky, silly little day.  I have been back and forth between answering emails and the washer and dryer.  In between I have learned several lessons for the day:
  • Friends are amazing...especially those who drop anything at a moment's notice to hang with you, and especially those who pray with you over the phone.  Love that!
  • Careful what you wish for...and then when you get it, at least be grateful for it.
  • Always make vegetable soup on Sunday to eat throughout the week.  Best idea ever!
 Have a great Tuesday!

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