Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

My first pregnancy green smoothie.  Not going to lie, looking at it sorta repulsed me at first.  After first sip, I was a believer again.  It only took 7 months!

In the mix: banana, frozen papaya, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, oats and kale.  Yup, lots and lots of kale!

So most days, my job at Girls on the Run is pretty awesome.  During registration it gets a bit stressful, a bit crazy.  But then I get my reward!  Look at these awesome girls enjoying their first day of practice!
Yup, you can tell they are having a blast learning a new "Energy Award!"
These moments are what makes everything we do totally worth it! I am relieved registration is complete, but wouldn't change it for a moment if it meant we wouldn't be able to offer this program to all of these wonderful girls!
This season we had over 400 girls register in Iredell and Rowan County! And by the looks of it, they are already having so much fun! 

So today I can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the first days are over and our coaches are doing a fabulous job.  I just finished one last--very tedious--task for registration and now I am relishing in this beautiful September weather.  We finally opened up the windows last night and actually became chilly!  I believe our AC has been running non-stop since March so this is such a welcome relief!
I love how airy it feels in the house right now!

So now that the tedious work is over, I am off to get out of this house.  Just some errands, but it's something to do before lunch!

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