Thursday, September 27, 2012


Good morning!

Cookies and milk for breakfast? I am telling you...I hate breakfast.  This was all that I could manage this morning.  I'm just holding off for a reasonable lunch hour so I can scarf down some leftover Mac and Cheese (this version is vegan!)  At least my cookies were Mama Pea's No-Sugar Cookies.

Today was an early morning.  I had a fun errand to run.  I drove out to Denver this morning to pick up a crib mattress that I found on Lake Norman Mommies Forums. 
It was being offered for free and I snagged it up.  This isn't the first free mattress I have taken off the side of the road...and probably won't be my last.  Now we can check it off the to-do list. 
I think Alex was a little nervous when I told him where I was getting the mattress from.  But keeping in mind that this crib mattress is like plastic on the outside and can easily be cleaned, I think we were more than OK with it.  It also came from a nice-looking home, not that that really matters or anything, and is in great condition.  Gotta love a freebie!

So the nursery is coming together slowly but surely.  I have been working on several Pinterest projects for Eleanor's room and will hopefully share them with you tomorrow.
In old news...Alex and I enjoyed a fun date night a few weekends ago.  Hillsong was performing in Charlotte and friends from church gifted us two free tickets!
It had to have been one of the most powerful worship experiences of my life.  If you ever get a chance to see Hillsong live you totally should!
Have a great day friends!

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