Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIAW: Fridge Tour

Good morning! Happy Hump Day! And welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday!

I captured all of my eats on Monday this week to share with you.  I am really enjoying my new schedule of meals with 5 small meals a day.  It really helps me to stay on track with healthy eating and I am enjoying eating every 3 hours. 

Breakfast started on a very high note!  I had leftover fajitas from dinner Sunday night and scrambled together a delicious breakfast burrito!
Using this recipe for scrambled tofu, I added the cooked vegetables I had on hand and topped a baked tortilla with salsa and guacamole!  This was the most fantastic thing I have eaten in a very long time!

My mid-morning snack was also delightful!
I blended together one peeled orange with one peeled kiwi, 1/4 cup light coconut milk (from a can), a scoop of protein powder and a few ice cubes.  It worked really well!  Even without a banana.

In the middle of the afternoon I sat down to a lunch style meal:
We'll call this chili-mac.  I used leftover vegetable bow tie noodles and topped with about 1/2 cup portabella chili.  The chili was from our trip to the Mushroom Farm over Christmas break.  On the side I had a slice of cornbread and of course some vegan sour cream to top it all off.  This chili was good, but I much preferred it on top of the pasta as a sauce rather than eating it in a bowl like regular chili.
For my fourth meal, I quick-baked a sweet potato in the microwave and dusted it with cinnamon.  Nothing is better in this world than sweet potatoes!
When dinner time rolled around I was not hungry at all!  Rather, I opted for a glass of wine and pretzels while enjoying the Bachelor with my bestie Jill.
There may have been an additional piece of cornbread before bed as well!  And that was Monday.

Along with my new eating schedule, there have been many other changes around here.  I finally went for a run yesterday!  My first run in over 2 months.  I covered 3 miles with a bit of walking on the very steep hills.  It felt so good to get my heart rate up again and move my legs!  The sunshine and warm weather didn't hurt either!

Another major change is that we are steps closer to becoming missionaries.  We have several showings this week and an offer came in yesterday after I showed the house to a wonderful couple from this area.  Showing your own home is quite daunting.  I don't mind that they are opening cabinets and doors so much, it's just odd.  The oddest thing is how everyone checks out the fridge.
Don't worry, I did it too when shopping for homes.  But it just got me thinking, what does my fridge say about me?
Three days ago, it didn't say very much.  All that it contained were leftovers and condiments!
I finally got out yesterday for some shopping and filled my produce bins...yet the rest of the fridge is still barren.
I have never filled my fridge.  This is its typical state.
The shelves are pretty barren, and right after a shopping trip the drawers are bulging with fresh produce.
This is a direct effect from shopping the perimeter of your grocery store.  The only reason I scan the aisles is for condiments and cereal. 
Everything else comes from the produce section or bulk bins and gets stored in the pantry. 

I think our fridge might say to some folks that we eat out a lot, or we don't cook because it doesn't look like much.  But the reality is that we cook fresh, whole meals and eat very healthy.  Which is why you won't find many processed foods floating around our shelves. 

What does your fridge say about you?

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