Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterday, in the middle of a very useless meeting, I received a phone call that the car was dead.  Totaled.  Doneso!  RIP Honda!  Initially my stomach lurched as the information startled me.  We had no idea this was coming!  I was devastated!  We need this car! 

Well as the news continued to sink in, and I had the opportunity to relay the information to Forbes, we realized what a blessing this is actually!  We are downsizing, considering getting rid of one vehicle, selling the other to help pay off debt and then bam!  Now we don't even have to worry about selling.  Just when I think everything is at a stand still, I see the work of God and how He is moving around us. 

So many times we think we control the actions of God and we determine what is going to happen next in our lives.  And then out of the blue something even better comes along!  This is faith, releasing control to allow God's will to be done. 

Now of course you may think I'm crazy to mention this is better.  A car accident, a sore and stiff neck, paperwork, insurance companies...the list goes on.  But nobody was seriously injured and the insurance companies have been so great to work with.  They will give us top dollar for the car, money we probably would not have received if we sold it ourselves. 

Here's the best part: the amount they offered us for the total, is almost exactly how much we owe on our last consumer debt loan.  We fully intend to pick up the check today and head directly to Bank of America to pay off the loan!  This is the most exciting news of all to me!  After this loan is paid off, we are down to our mortgage and my student loans...which is very meager at this point!  It is so important for us to be debt free and we are miles closer because of this small car wreck!  What a blessing!

So how will we function with just one car?  We are anxious to figure that out as well!  Forbes can catch a ride to school each day, and I can always be available to pick him up if I need to.  Since I work from home, many days I may not need the car and he can drive to work.  Outside of work we pretty much spend all of our time together, with the exception of Monday nights at Jill's, and Wednesday nights at Praise team, but in those situations we can take turns.  Usually I don't leave the house when he is at Praise team, and usually he stays home when I am at Jill's so it works just fine.

So now we bid farewell to the car that has served us so well!  We will miss you Honda Civic!  I will miss driving you, and the low gas mileage!  But I don't mind the money you earned us!  Thanks!

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