Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend in a Nutshell

My weekend started like this:
Crash, Boom, Plow, Thunk.  Car wrecked. 

Unhappy, but trying to roll with the punches, I exited my banged up vehicle and tried to make nice with the stranger that pulled out in front of would she have known that I was on my way to a work meeting with someone whose phone number I don't know, so I can't call and cancel, and after the meeting, I was going to fill up the car with gas so Forbes and I could be off to see my sister's in Nashville for the weekend, and that this car is my husband's favorite thing ever, and how dare she ruin it!

Nope, none of that I said, I just simply grimaced and asked her if she was ok, while my own neck and shoulders began to stiffen.
Forbes came flying to my rescue and after a short wait for the police to finish the report and all information to be exchanged he headed back to work, and I sulked off to Panera for comfort food and a little bit of work. 
I wasn't sure if we would make it to Nashville to see my sisters after all and I was pretty bummed.  Forbes assured me we would go, we would just take the gas-guzzling Jeep. 

Thank goodness we did, we would have missed this shining face:
And this precious twosome...
Plus all the brother-in-laws.  We had so much fun, I barely took any photos!  It was a short trip, but oh-so-sweet!  Family is so precious and important and I am so happy to have Diana close enough for a weekend trip and right in the middle of Stephanie and me so we have a convenient location to meet up!
Driving home was, well I wouldn't know, Forbes drove the whole way.  But I hear it was fun in the rain/sleet/snow that never ceased.  Finally back home now...a 3 hour delay for school and a breakfast date with my hubby.
And that's a wrap!  A weekend in a nutshell. 

Back to the grind...welcome Monday!

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