Monday, February 6, 2012

A prayer

Dear God,

I love you Lord.  You are amazing, vast and powerful.  It is you alone I live for.  I struggle each day to live up to your standard, but I thank you that you have shown me the way to live.  I am blessed to know you and live to please you God. 

God, last week was difficult.  I spent days on the edge of my seat, my stomach in my throat, awaiting a response that left me momentarily hopeless.  I really wanted to sell the house.  I wanted that quick and easy transition.  When we received such a great offer I couldn't help but think that you were all over this.  This surely was your plan, and when it didn't work I questioned why you allowed it to happen at all.  It felt like false hope and as if I could do nothing and was trapped.  My heart sunk and I moped for several days. 

As difficult as the experience was, God, you taught me valuable lessons last week.  Sometimes the lines between right and wrong become blurred and Lord I really couldn't see clearly.  I am so thankful that you have put loved ones in my life to help set me straight and speak the truth into difficult situations.  I questioned if a short sale was ethical, and whether it was right for us.  And it turns out that it is neither ethical or biblical.  Thank you for my beautiful sister who showed us that we are to obey authority on earth, and at this moment in my life I am bound to the authority of my mortgage.  She reminded me that my dreams don't always align with your timing Lord, and I remembered Abraham who waited so many years for his dream to come true. 

God I trust in you.  I trust in your timing.  I believe that you will give me the desires of my heart, when those desires please you.  I pray that you lead my steps these next few weeks, months and even years.  I will wait for your call and I will prepare to receive it. 

I pray that even if I feel discouraged or disappointed that I will not falter from your path.  That I will not allow my emotions to effect others around me negatively, that I will not take it out on anyone.  That I will look to you as my comforter.  Lord forgive me for losing hope and faith.  Strengthen me. 


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