Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

Why hello there! Who's excited for Super Bowl?  I am, I am! 

Our contribution to this evening's party will be the infamous Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip!  Amen!  I made one substitution today.  Combining the ingredients with navy beans rather than chickpeas made no difference whatsoever.  Still as delish as I remember!
photo courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie

I have a package of Stacey's Cocoa Pita Chips to go with it!  So good!

Before we make it to the Super Bowl party we fully intend to finish all the episodes in the second season of Downton Abbey that are available so far!  We are slightly obsessed.  About a year ago we watched the first season on Netflix not knowing that this would ever come back for a second round.  I picked up an US Weekly yesterday at Barnes and Noble and found a whole spread about the show.  I was confused why they would just now be talking about something that came out so long ago.  I read on and discovered that sure enough it was in its second season and Forbes and I hurried home to find the episodes online! 

In one word...obsessed!  Of course just what I need in my life, more scandal and gossip!  However, this show definitely ranks above the Bachelor and Gossip Girl, my other two favorites, hands down!

What shows are you into these days? 
Who are you rooting for in the big game?

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