Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Days

What makes you smile? What takes an ordinary day to an extraordinary day for you? 

Yesterday went from a regular ho-hum day to a fantastic one when at 2:45pm I heard the sound of the garage door opening!  The husband got home from work early yesterday and it was simply to make my day! 

Coincidentally I had just sat down to read my bible and take a break from work and a note popped out from the Book.  I don't think he would mind if I divulged the contents of the note:

"Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for letting me be so lucky to have you in my life!"

Yup, I am the lucky one.  That I get to wake up each day, stumble upon various love letters hidden throughout the house, and know that I am loved unconditionally every single day by the most extraordinary man I have ever known.  We can't even call that is pure miracle!

As I sat in my "prayer corner" praising God for this miracle, I hear that garage door open and realize that Forbes is home early from work.  I felt butterflies in my heart and stomach.  Simultaneously, the sun decided to shine a little yesterday, and our doom and gloom weather turned into blue skies and milder temps. 

Folks, I can't make this stuff up!

Since I was floating on Cloud 9 and in such a state of joy, I must not have heard myself suggest going for a run...but that is exactly what I did, and what we did.  We plugged along for 3 1/2 miles in the afternoon sunshine and it was the best decision ever!  Forbes is my favorite running partner, and for the first time in ever we are actually at the same level of fitness (i.e. neither one of us has run in months!).  It was really amazing to achieve those 3 1/2 miles with him yesterday!

I find that after a quality work out, there is always better clarity than before.  After our run, Forbes and I had some pretty serious discussions about what we are up to over the next year in order to prepare for the mission field.  We have run into many set-backs over the last two weeks.  Our house is not in good position to sell.  And we still have student loans to pay off as well.  We have tried many angles, explored the possibility of a short sale, attempted to borrow money to pay down the house, tried to sell furnished on Craigslist...but around every bend we find a bump in the road. 

Our current decision is to stay in the house while we pay off all other debts.  We will both be finding second jobs to help us do this quickly and when those debts are paid off, then we will explore putting the house on the market. 

For the first time in weeks we both feel very satisfied with our decision.  Keeping the house will allow me to continue working from home without scrambling to find a place to set up "shop."  Keeping the house also means that our bills will continue to be higher rather than paying rent somewhere else, but we feel with the second jobs and our current situation this is the best option for us. 

Of course, you know, all this could change in a moment.  We could experience divine intervention and have a buyer on our front door step tomorrow.  Turning away a great opportunity is not in our nature, even if we do have our minds made up. 

As happy as I was to see Forbes come home yesterday, I have to admit I wasn't too sad to see him go either when he left for Praise Team Practice.  After a fun afternoon together, I settled in with a hot bath, sweat pants, some quality Wednesday evening television, and a mug of hot chocolate! 

These things make for really Good Days!  What makes a good day for you?

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