Friday, February 3, 2012

12 things

Oh thank goodness we get to lighten the mood around here just a bit.  Ashley at Freckles and Spice tagged me the "12 things" post that has been floating around the blogger world for a few weeks.  I have never been tagged in posts such as these so I felt quite honored.  And let's be real, we could all use a break from the seriousness of home sales!

So here goes: 12 Random Facts about me...

1.  I have never broken a bone.  Ever.  Unless you count the stress fracture from my marathon last year, which let's be real, probably wasn't so much a stress fracture as it was an excuse not to run!

2.  I was not born in a hospital.  Nope.  Mom hated her hospital experience when she gave birth to my older sister, so instead I was born in a birthing center and then my two younger siblings were each born at home.

3.  I lived in Florida till I was 11 and never made it Disney World!  Ok, so once I went with my church after the rides had closed to watch Christian bands, that doesn't count does it?

4.  I am a seasonal wine the summer I love a chilled glass of white, in the winter I crave a glass of red.  Other than that I have very little preference about the wine I drink.

5.  I wear a mouth guard to bed to keep from grinding my teeth.  I know, real sexy right?  If we travel and I forget it I throw a toddler sized temper tantrum because I know I won't sleep well.  We call it my "teeth" as in "Did you pack your teeth, babe?"

6.  My little sister and I shared a room in college.  We had an apartment but opted to share a room to make rent that much cheaper.  Funny, because we grew up completely at odds, but in college we formed a very strong friendship and relationship.  After leaving college we grew apart, but are now almost as close as ever, thank God!

7.  Before Forbes I only ever had 1, maybe 2 real boyfriends my whole life.  It makes it that much more special to know that he is the only long relationship I have ever had and ever will have!

8.  My favorite food is sweet potatoes.  I ask everyone what their favorite food is, mine has always been sweet potatoes, but most people respond with Pizza.

9.  However, if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, then my answer would be pizza!

10.  I hate folding and putting away laundry.  Getting in the washer and dryer is no big deal...the rest I often leave for Forbes.

11.  I am currently obsessed with Gossip Girl and desperately need to pull myself away!  I haven't watched this Monday's episode yet and am dying to know what happened!  But don't spoil it for me!

12.  I currently despise Peanut Butter.  There I said it.  For about two years I couldn't get enough...and now it has finally caught up to me.  I still love chocolate and peanut butter combined, but you won't catch me schmearing it on my bananas or in a PB&J anytime soon!

As part of this little social challenge, I am also asked the following questions to answer:

1.  What is your favorite piece or item of clothing?  Gosh that would be a toss up between my skinny jeans and the boots I wear over them...or maybe even the long sweaters I wear with them.  Tough choice.

2.  Favorite movie of all time?  So I hate to re-watch movies, so this one is tough...maybe Simon Birch?

3.  Sunrise or Sunset?  Definitely Sunset.  My dad used to take us to watch the sunset all the time when we lived in Florida.  Oh wait...but I'm such a morning person, I think I like the sunrise better!

4.  Breakfast for dinner?  Absolutely! 

5.  The last book I read that I would recommend?  Wow!  All the books I have been reading lately have been great.  Some non-fiction, a few fiction.  Fast Living was amazing.  Kisses from Katie even better.  I really am enjoying the Poisonwood Bible again.  I put it down for about 4 months and just picked it back up. 

6.  One fitness goal I would like to achieve...geez, I could use a goal!  How about to run again?  I enjoyed my run this week and am hoping I will run next week too!

7.  What made me start blogging?  A friend recommended it to help jump start my wedding planning business.  Turned out I wasn't as passionate about wedding planning as I thought, and my blog evolved into what it is today, a more accurate representation of my passions.

8.  The first blog I started reading was Angela's at Oh She Glows.  She's fabulous!

9.  The best vacation spot I have been to would definitely be Hilton Head, hands down.

10.  Favorite health food trend or "blog food"?  Chia seeds and Overnight Oats with Banana Soft Serve.  Absolutely my favorite!  I would never have known about these amazing foods if it weren't for blogging!

11.  My favorite type of ethnic cuisine would probably have to be Mexican.  Does that count?

12.  My favorite teacher in school was definitely Mrs. Fowler in kindergarten. 

So there you have twelve things.  Jump in if you want to!  Everyone's tagged!

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